Published Articles


1.  “When the Flamingos Return to Canton” by Varick Chittenden

The sudden appearance of a flock of plastic pink flamingos on front lawns in a North Country village prompted a discussion of this iconic lawn decoration of the late 20th century and the distinction between interpretations of “folk art” by art historians and folklorists.


2. “Knitting it Together: A Case Study of a Sweater” by Jill Breit

In this article, a fiber artist in northern New York reveals her criteria for excellence in fiber work through one sweater made as a birthday gift for a friend. By describing the sweater and the decisions entailed in making it, the artist articulates aesthetic and technical preferences and relates them to the preferences of those around her.


3. “War Stories: Vietnam Experiences Retold In Plastic, Dirt and Paint” by Varick Chittenden

This photographic essay is a small selection of US Marine Vietnam combat veteran Michael Cousino’s dioramas which recreate memories of his own wartime experiences and those related to him by buddies, accompanied by transcriptions of the stories of each piece, in his own words. Original photographs and recordings are in the TAUNY archives.