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Welcome to KINDRED PURSUITS, an online catalog of a selection of visual expressions made in the northern counties of New York since they were first settled more than two centuries ago. Researched and documented over the last 30 years, the collection represents the rich diversity of traditional cultures living here as well as the beauty and power of creative expressions of ordinary people in everyday life.


Come along with us to see some fine examples of the folk art of our region and learn about how these objects have been and continue to be an integral part of life in our communities. Enjoy!


What do these things have in common?

A scrimshaw whale’s tooth, engraved with a detailed view of the Battle of Lake Champlain in the War of 1812

A sheet metal weathervane in the shape of the Angel Gabriel that once sat on top of a sawmill in Wevertown

An elaborate Mohawk sweetgrass basket like one presented by its proud maker to the Pope in the Vatican

A hooked rug portraying the Rock Island lighthouse in the St. Lawrence River 

 Each is an example of North Country folk art and each has a story to tell.